July 21, 2016

Sept 11…The Final Chapter

Sept 11…The Final Chapter
Abdullah Al Alami

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir welcomed the disclosure of the 28 pages on the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. The facts are out and clear; there is absolutely no evidence of any Saudi political or logistical involvement or support in the September 11 attacks.

It is time to close this file once and for all, Saudi Arabia stressed its determination more than once to uproot terrorism and eliminate its sources and causes, regardless of the motivation or the identity of the perpetrators. However, there are some who seek to disagree with this logic, I will discuss in this article the allegations of four U.S. public figures who seek to undermine the strong relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Former Senator Bob Graham (D-FL), who co-chaired the joint congressional intelligence inquiry that produced the 28 pages, keeps screaming and moaning about the alleged involvement of the Saudi government in the events of September 11. He claimed that many of the 19 hijackers received financial support from the Saudi government. Although Saudi Arabia had suffered from terrorism, Republican Walter Jones (R-NC) and Democrat Stephen Lynch, (D-MA) stood next to Senator Graham, during his press conference at the US Senate in January 2002.

The fourth genius who devoted his efforts to discredit Saudi Arabia, is Republican congressman Arlen Specter (D., Pa.). By the way, Specter failed in three consecutive attempts in 2003, 2005, and 2007 to introduce legislation that would overturn court rulings barring lawsuits that contend the Saudi Arabia helped cause the terrorism. This is not all, Specter brought out the issue of Saudi Arabia hostility towards Israel!

On the other hand, Republican Senator Richard Burr, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, indicated that the involvement of the Saudi Government in the 9/11 attacks was not based on facts. Also, Member of the Intelligence Committee in the Senate, Adam Schiff, said that the Commission was not able to find any sufficient evidence to support the allegations of the involvement of Saudi Arabia in the attacks. Chairs of the intelligence committee in the Senate, Tom Kean Lee Hamilton, issued a joint statement confirming that the investigators did not find any evidence to suggest any role for Saudi Arabia in the attacks.

The CIA, in a 500-page report, clearly pointed out that there is no evidence confirming the Saudi government support of the terrorists responsible for the September 11 attacks. Even the American right-wing media and news networks "CNN" and "Fox News" confirmed that there was no evidence of Saudi support for terrorists in the events of September 11.

It seems that the only wise guy on the block is Senator Bob Graham, who is not satisfied with the report of the US intelligence community, nor is he happy with the statements of both the White House and key Intelligence committees of the House of Representatives and the US Senate. Graham insists on conducting more investigations on 9/11 attacks. Perhaps Mr. Graham, needs to refresh his memory by reading the 28 page (which I doubt he had read or comprehended).

Adel al-Jubeir said in a press conference last week that after the declassification of the 28 pages, Saudi Arabia hope to continue its cooperation with the United States in the fight against terrorism. This is a clear signal to skeptics - abroad and at home - that Saudi Arabia is serious about confronting terrorism. I also agree with Saudi lawyer, Dr. Saud Al-Ammari, who confirmed that we seek to develop friendly relations between Saudi Arabia and all friendly nations and peoples on the basis of sovereignty, independence and equal rights.

Now that the 28 pages were revealed, it’s time to take serious and legal stand against the accusers in accordance with the international laws and regulations of litigation in civilized countries. I know it is difficult to raise such claims because the US Constitution guarantees freedom of expression for all media and individuals. However, this “justification” may create chaos in international relations, and will lead to imbalances in the diplomatic standards.


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