March 20, 2016

When Mr. Obama Lost Track

When Mr. Obama Lost Track
Abdullah Al Alami*
March 20, 2016

The talented, US President Barack Obama hinted in a recent interview, his hidden agenda towards Saudi Arabia.
Did the American president fell into the trap planned by the creative Jewish journalist Jeffrey Goldberg? Either way, Obama has revealed his real intensions during the interview with Goldberg.
It is not surprising to hear such “exotic” remarks from Mr. Obama, who by the way is running out of friends. This is not the first time a US president loses his premeditated poise when it comes to Saudi Arabia.
On August 30, 2013, Obama announced he would not carry out air strikes in Syria. However, this “brilliant” statement came after the US president had confirmed, several times, to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states his conviction that the solution in Syria is the overthrow of President Bashar Assad.
In addition, President Obama hinting that Saudi Arabia is encouraging and financing Daesh (ISIS) is both dangerous and misleading. There is no doubt that Mr. Obama is still living in "euphoria" after he had fallen into the trap of the nuclear deal with Iran.
It is about time both Obama and Goldberg recognize that it is Jewish media who control the US foreign policies. Perhaps, Goldberg should also remember that the elected US president is usually financed by (AIPAC), which must bless the American presidential candidate before taking office.
Maybe President Obama had forgotten that Saudi Arabia intelligence helped the US tracking down deadly terrorist attacks on America. Maybe Mr. Obama had forgotten that Saudi Arabia lost many of its brave soldiers in combating terrorists, especially in cases where terrorists have attacked the US Consulate, and US citizens living in Saudi Arabia.
In 1988, Saudi King Fahd, asked the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia to leave the country because of the ambassador’s protest against the Chinese missile deal between Riyadh and Beijing at that time.
When Goldberg asked Obama if the Saudis were still friends of the United States, Obama said: “It’s complicated.” This is yet another proof that Obama has lost track of the world’s affairs.

*Saudi journalist 

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I am reading a book Israel Lobby and American Foreign policy and yes Mr. Alami's has stated the facts.