September 10, 2014

The Gulf Opera House

Opera House in Oman

The Gulf Opera House
Abdullah Al Alami*
September 10, 2014

Yes, today you can enjoy watching one of the masterpieces of Verdi's Theater: "The Tragedy of Macbeth" in one of the Gulf States. The Arabian Gulf region has made good strides in appreciating and introducing the opera. The word is derived from the Latin word «OPUS», which means musical composition or set of compositions.
Opera was first introduced in 1598. It evolved in Germany (Scultz) and (Lullyl) in France. In the eighteenth century opera spread further when Mozart began a series of beautiful reviews which formed the basic building block in the history of opera.
Royal Opera House in Oman, inaugurated in October 2011, is the first opera house ever built in the Gulf region. Performers in the Opera House in Muscat include Paquito D’Rivera , Virtuoso Jazz and Latin classics,  Flamenco artist Miguel Peña Vargas, Ballet shows from Dusseldorf, as well as Marcel Khalife and Amal Maher from the Arab world.
Dubai is not a stranger to international music, as «Dubai Museum of Modern Art and Opera House» will be launched in the near future. I wish Dubai would invite Italian musician Riccardo Muti and Anne-Sophie Mutter to perform some of Beethoven’s wonderful work, in addition to presentations from the Arab world like Omar Khairat and others.
Kuwait is heading in the same direction. I do not wish to go into the internal debate in Kuwait regarding naming the Opera House a «Cultural & Social Center». I believe that opera plays an important role in civilized societies; but naming the Opera House as «Cultural Center» denies the fact that the house was originally meant to be for opera.

*Saudi writer

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