December 6, 2012

When would Saudi women drive?

I explain in my book "When would Saudi women drive?" the provisions of the initiative that we have submitted to the Saudi Shura Council, which began in January 2011 as well as details of correspondence and meetings between the writer and members of the Council.
The initiative was prepared based on the principle that Islam called for and supported women's civil rights. The initiative also includes a scientific study of the social, economic and security concerns of not allowing women to drive as well as the negative consequences resulting from the presence of hundreds of thousands of foreign drivers in Saudi Arabia.
This is not only a call for women in Saudi Arabia to be allowed to drive, but also for them to lead their own life and acquire the rest of their rights, such as freedom to manage their finances without a legal guardian, and their right to education, scholarship, medical treatment and travel without the permission of their guardian.
Saudi women also look forward to participating in political life as ambassadors and ministers in the government.
The book includes more than 50 reports and articles (in favor of or against) women driving as well as a detailed analysis of social challenges facing Saudi women.
At the end of the book I appeal to the Grand Mufti to draw serious consideration to the subject of women driving. I also call on King Abdullah to resolve this issue once and for all as was the case in women education and membership in the Shura Council and Municipal Councils.

Abdullah Al Alami
When would Saudi women drive?
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