January 10, 2009

SaudiNews Jan 9, 2009

First the good news (for a change)...
The Saudi oil tanker Sirirus Star is finally free.
Life goes on....
Abdullah Al Alami

Veteran Saudi journalist and former editor in chief of the now-defunct English-language newspaper Riyadh Daily, Talaat Wafa, died on Monday in Riyadh after a brief illness.
I met the late Talaat a couple of times and I found him to be a real human, a person down to earth.

Saudi Aramco has discovered five new oil fields and three gas fields in the Eastern Province . Four of the five oil fields were found in the mainland while the fifth was in a waterlogged region of the province.

Galileo by Travelport, one of the world’s largest global distribution system (GDS) providers, has announced the first ever ‘women only’ training program for travel agencies in Jeddah.
I have serious doubts about KSA becoming a tourist country with all the strict religious influence on society.

The National Society for Human Rights has filed complaints with the Ministry of Justice against 40 judges in a number of courts in Riyadh , Jeddah, Makkah, Jizan, the Eastern Province and Al-Jouf.
Any idea how many cases may have been wrongly judged by 40 judges?

Dr. Muhammad Al-Murai, a college professor filed a lawsuit against the Makkah Police Department, accusing three police officers of pulling him over, arresting him, and beating him in front of his family for alleged belligerence with policemen earlier this week. After the arrest, the college professor was taken to hospital with bruises all over his body and a bleeding nose. He has been hospitalized for three days. Any idea what is this all about?
The Directorate of Health in Madinah has ordered two doctors to pay a compensation of SR100,000 for causing the death of a patient while undergoing a surgery in a private hospital in the city recently.
The directorate issued the order on the basis of the report of a forensic medical board identifying the two doctors as responsible for the medical error and .....the consequent loss of life.

Suicide cases in the Kingdom are on the rise. According to local press reports, 596 people reportedly ended their lives in 2007 alone. The Eastern Province , which has a huge concentration of guest workers, reported the largest number of 239 cases, which is 40 percent of the total.
Do people in the eastern Province suffer from disappointment and depression more than anybody else?

A 21-year-old Saudi man was admitted to St. Vincent Hospital in Sydney , Australia , after being attacked on the city’s George Street .
The number of attack cases against Saudi and GCC citizens is on the rise.

More than 100 leaders will discuss solutions to the global financial crisis at the Competitiveness Forum to be held Jan 25-27 in Riyadh . Speakers includes Mahathir Mohamad, former prime minister of Malaysia; Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland; Shinzo Abe, former prime minister of Japan; Abdullah Ali Reza Zainal, Saudi minister of commerce; Jean Chrétien, former premiere of Canada; Deborah L. Wince-Smith, president of the Council on Competitiveness; Michael Porter Bishop from William Lawrence University; Jim Clifton, chairman of the Gallup Organization; Laura D’Andrea Tyson, professor at Haas Business School; Thomas Russo, VP of Lehman Brothers; and John Thain, chairman of Merrill Lynch.
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Here is your chance to vote on CNN:
Do you think Israel had a right to attack Gaza?

The Cultural Exchange Center in Jeddah will be starting the men's "Arabic for non-Arabs" courses (All levels) on January 24, 2009. Morning and evening classes are available.
Call 02 663 7191 or 050 723 7822

The “Reading Group” invites you to discuss the novel “The Kite Runner”, By Khaled Hosseini on Jan 12, 2009 @ 7:00 pm at Dammam Literary Club. The novel is available at Jarir book store.
For more information contact Mrs. Najat Shafei

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