January 2, 2009

Saudi News Weekly Dec 27, 2008 - Jan 2, 2009

Donate blood to show support for the Palestinians in Gaza.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh

King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Jeddah

Mobile blood banks were also set up at a number of Jeddah’s shopping malls, including Al-Serafi Mega Mall by King Abdulaziz Univ Hospital.

Life goes on….

Abdullah Al Alami

Minister of Justice Abdullah Al-Shiekh announced that Saudi judicial reforms will start Jan. 1. The process to bring about structural and procedural changes will take 20 years.

A budget of nearly SR7 billion has been allocated for developing the judicial system. I hope the funds will be spent on reforming and training the judges and not just building new courts.

Since we're talking about legal issue, the Administrative Court in Riyadh rejected the first ever lawsuit filed against the Commission for Promotion of Virtue five years ago that involved accusations by a woman and her daughter.

I understand the mother claimed that two religious police agents attacked her and her 20-year-old daughter.

Watch out. Any SR200 or SR500 note you have may be fake, the Ministry of Interior warns. Police teams have investigated over 200 reported cases of fake 200 and 500 Saudi riyal bills.
I strongly suggest that banks, money exchangers, and supermarkets now have laser detectors to spot fake bills.

Is Dow Chemical ready for more bad news? A $22 billion joint venture between Dow and the Aramco is beginning to look shaky. This comes hot on the heels of the $17.4 billion joint venture that the company was heading into with Kuwait Petroleum Corp.

Why do we keep saying our economy has not been affected by the global financial situation?

The closure of the Dammam–Khobar underpass tunnel near Dammam Sports Stadium has placed tremendous pressure on the already-congested roads of the city.

Now it takes about half an hour to cover one km distance to the First Industrial Area, Saudi Electric Company, or Aramco during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

About 1,500 Arab drivers on Sunday gathered in front of the headquarters of their company in Al-Shumaisi demanding payment of their salaries.

When will we stop abusing foreign workers and start treating them like human beings?

Elaf, a leading company in the Saudi tourism industry, has announced that it is developing a strategic plan to set the tone for corporate activities within the next five years. The planned initiative is expected to boost domestic tourism revenue to around SR 73.3 billion by 2010.

It is almost impossible that tourism will ever be developed here while we still have a strong religious influence on every aspect of our life.

The Commission for Promotion of Virtue closed down the only women’s park in Yanbu, resulting in the loss of 60 jobs for local women.


Beacuse music is played in the park. What a wonderful way to start the year 2009.

So much for tourism...

A catering service run by Saudi women, the first in the Eastern Province , has opened in Dammam. "Nouryat Center" is located in Shafa Mall at Abdullah Fuad Street . The service is run by young businesswoman, Nourah Al-Muqaithib, with ten Saudi women working under her, the food center is a “women only” enterprise, with a separate counter where men can place orders.

Is this the end of a long fight against women running their own business in public?

Here’s a lady who deserves some respect.

Jawhara Al-Anqari, deputy chairperson of the National Society for Human Rights said on Wednesday: “The insistence on closed-circuit television meetings between men and women is a violation of women’s rights”.

Al-Jawhara also said that throughout Islamic history women had been more inspired by face-to-face social interaction with men.

Arab News reported that a total of 3,801 complaints from citizens and expatriates were filed at the National Society for Human Rights. The report said 670, or 17 percent, of the complaints were against prison officials.

I understand the complaints include delayed judicial proceedings, maltreatment, aggression, violation of prison regulations, prevention of visits, failure to release prisoners at the end of their prison term, psychological abuse, deterioration of health and others.

One more police story.

Security guards at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah on Wednesday caught a policeman for having a "liaison" with a woman student on campus, according to a source with the Jeddah police.

Listen to this: The policeman was found in the company of a woman in the back seat of his car.

Saudi Gazette reported that over 80% of electric appliances and 50% of imported tires available in the Kingdom are fake and not in conformity with Saudi specifications and standards.

Where is the anti-commercial fraud committee at the different Chamber of Commerce?

Egypt’s foreign ministry denied claims by a human rights group that an Egyptian man was being detained in Saudi Arabia on suspicion of spying.

I find this story hard to believe.

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