September 12, 2008

SaudiNews - Sep 6-12, 2008

Main Story This Week
Five men (3 Saudis and 2 foreigners) were arrested on charges of promoting militant activities on Islamic Internet forums. The suspects were encouraging others to take up arms in Afghanistan and Iraq.
We need to continue breaking down all Al-Qaeda and other armed militant operations in the Kingdom.

Two traffic officers were stabbed by a knife-wielding man in Makkah on Thursday. The man managed to escape.
Several months ago, a pilgrim from Southeast Asia stabbed a number of pilgrims inside the Grand Mosque, injuring at least three people.

How many complaints has the governmental Human Rights Commission (HRC) dealt with in the last three years since its establishment on Sept 28, 2005? Over 10,000 complaints Kingdom wide.
The real question is how many cases were resolved?

Cigarette smoking was the main reason behind the death of 3.38 million people worldwide, including 13,544 in Saudi Arabia this year. I understand smoking is expected to kill additional 500 million people by 2030. About 70% of these deaths will probably be in the Arab world as a result of direct or passive smoking.
What are we doing about it? Not much.

Life goes on….
Abdullah Al Alami

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