September 26, 2008

Out to Make Jeddah Cleaner

Arab News - A campaign urging people to keep Jeddah streets and environment clean was launched at Red Sea Mall recently.
The campaign, which started Saturday and will end on Sept. 30, was the brainchild of a volunteer group called “Me, But One Hundred Times Better.”
“It’s a volunteering group of both young girls and boys,” said Ahmad Aalam, a 23-year-old medical school student and the manager of the group. “Our group’s main theme is that if anyone wants to change and develop himself morally, he or she should start with the morals of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).”
The group of 17 young girls and boys launched the campaign called “We Clean Our Streets With Our Hands.” The aim of the group is to focus on small details such as hygiene in society that might be helpful and useful in the future. “Our intention is to start with small details that would carry a message to society and at the same time have an impact,” he added.
“If we stopped throwing garbage, such as paper tissues, soft drink cans, cigarettes and so on, in the streets, slowly our streets will appear clean and appealing to the eye.”
The group managed to set up a stall at Red Sea Mall to distribute plastic bags and flyers with the logo of the campaign, “We Clean Our Streets With Our Hands,” printed on the bags, which are aimed at encouraging people to dispose of their garbage properly, instead of simply tossing from car windows.
“We are distributing plastic bags and instruction flyers. We initially made an order to print 3,000 bags but we called the factory and asked them to increase it to 4,000. We also printed 4,500 flyers,” Aalam said.
The crowd at Red Sea Mall was very responsive. “We have a board where people can write their comments and whether they liked the idea or not,” he added. “We change the board three to four times a day.”
Sari Al-Ali, a 22-year-old marketing student, said that he took a plastic bag with the campaign logo and kept it in his vehicle.
“We are used to throwing garbage from car windows because there is no law that stipulates punishments for doing so,” he said. “If there were a fine for throwing stuff on the street, then everyone would stop and our streets will be cleaner.”

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